Why Ranbhoomi ’18?

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

A saying we’ve heard over and over again, only this time, IIM Indore has decided to act on it! With our annual sports fest, Ranbhoomi, coming up this January, we wish to let everyone know that management students have other talents too. Ranbhoomi is the largest sports festival in central India and is the only undergraduate sports fest to be hosted by any IIM.

We have had personalities like Mr. Gautham Gambhir, Ms. P.T. Usha, Mr. Milkha Singh, Mr. Narain Karthikeyan, and Mr. Yogeshwar Dutt associate with us in the past editions, and this year we are looking forward to being associated with many more. Additionally, Ranbhoomi’18 is associated with MARD, the Farhan Akhtar foundation to promote its social cause gender equality.

What more, you ask? Well, apart from the wide variety of sports competitions that will be held during this three-day fest, we also have numerous informal events for you to enjoy.  With informal games like Gully Cricket, Gully Football, and many more Ranbhoomi promises you a good time!

If we haven’t gotten you interested yet, here is a list of events that will be held during the three day event:

  1. Power Lifting – Weight for None

Open for all age groups, this is where you get to showcase your strength by competing with those you lift with and with those you could lift with.

  1. Arm Wrestling – Hand Me that Win

Again, open for all, here you get to pull down your opponent by defeating them in this simple yet competitive event.

  1. Crossfit – Begin Counting When You Think You Are Done

An open event where you can proudly showcase your forms and fitness by competing against the very best.

  1. Men’s Physique – Ain’t obsessed. Dedicated.

Open for all, this is where you can come and present why people are awed when you walk past them.

  1. Badminton – King of swing

With the focus once on the shuttle and twice on victory, sky is the limit to your dreams and the court is the battlefield. Make sure you participate in this open for all competition.

  1. Cricket – One team, One dream

This fever will never be cured. Are you the master of this classic game though? Participate and compete against other colleges.

  1. Taekwondo – Kicks Like Fire

A self explanatory open event.

  1. Table Tennis – Smash Hits. Nimble Feet.

Perplex your opponents with a push, slay them with your spin. Showcase your feats with the Ranbhoomi Table Tennis event. An open and college event.

  1. Squash – Limits: None

An open for all event.

  1. Tennis – Fury. Wrath, Tennis.

Put your hours of practice and dedication to work by being a art of this classis, yet magnificent event. Open for all colleges.

  1. Volleyball – Serving Smashes

You have strength, don’t you? You can tame the beasts of a ball. You can deliver, you can defeat. Participate in the Ranbhoomi Volleyball event and be the team that can startle their opponents. Open for all colleges.

  1. Basketball – Championships are won at practice!

To dribble under pressure is an art. Showcase your art with the Ranbhoomi Basketball event. Shoot with style and trump your opponents. Open for all colleges.

  1. Mini-Marathon – Grounded. Speed.

Open for all.  Your feet do the talking by letting you travel the path to glory. Run for the cause of Gender Equality.

  1. Football – Win Before You Die

Is it skill? Strategy? Strength? Well, it is all of that.

Find your enthusiasm in the middle of the Ranbhoomi. Kick and dribble your way to victory. Open for all colleges.

  1. Chess – Make your move!

The royalty in this game will never be lost. Are you the king of strategy?

Lead the war of the board with chess at Ranbhoomi’18. Open for all.

  1. Snooker – Concision in style, Precision in thought.

Shaky hands, lack of focus, broken dreams. That isn’t your style. Show your opponents that you can turn the tables around when you want to with this event. Event open for all.

  1. Sports Quiz – Challenge Everything!

Are you a master of facts, an enthusiast who can never be battled, a go-to for the knowledge of sports? Take the quiz and compete with those you think the same. Event open for all.


Apart from these wonderful events, we also have much more in store for you! Plus, the fest will be held in the picturesque IIM Indore Campus! Is there more that you can ask for?

Hope to see you at Planet-I!