Top 5 Wackiest Sports Ever Played in the Olympics

The Olympics is an international sports event in which thousands of athletes participate and is
watched by millions more. Hours and hours of televised gymnastics, figure skating and badminton
we see, but what do we know of the unheralded sports that did not make primetime? Believe it or
not, the following 5 sports do exist and were/are played in the Olympics.

Race Walking
Yes, this is a thing, and it’s real. Race Walking made its Olympic debut in the
year 1904 in the St. Louis Summer Olympics. The rules state that the athlete
must have one foot on the ground at all times, to ensure that they do not
run. Ready, set, sashay!

Club Swinging
Club Swinging is this strange, yet curious new sport where the athlete
stands erect, holding clubs in each hand. They then twirl around and the
one with the most complicated routine gets the prize. Sadly, it was
stopped after the 1932 Olympics.
Solo Synchronized Swimming
This sport, having an oxymoronic title, requires a female to
perform a kind of water ballet in sync with the music (A
lonely water Ballet). This event was discontinued after the
1992 Olympics. Well.

In the second-ever modern Olympic games, hot air ballooning was
considered an Olympic sport. The competition consisted of
participants having to fly their balloons as close as possible to a
target, and then drop a weighted marker as close as possible it.
Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Sadly, it wasn’t considered professional
enough and was discontinued from then on.

Live Pigeon Shooting
The name of the game is quite explanatory, the aim is to
shoot and kill as many pigeons as possible. Not surprisingly,
this sport made its first and only Olympic showing in the
Paris games, 1900. 300 pigeons were killed and this was the
only time animals were harmed during Olympic.

Post written by Amrutha.