All you need to know about Importance of Sports!

Everybody knows the physical health benefits of playing sports are countless. Along with being largely entertaining, it’s scientifically proven that such activities are good for your heart and brain. Let’s talk about something that’s rarely mentioned; playing a sport can greatly improve your social and emotional skills.
Why is that important you ask? Social and emotional development help prepare kids for the next phases of life like his/her career, their family, and even their relationships. While household and school education are extremely crucial for personal growth in this fast paced world, playing sports is equally important for social and emotional well-being.
• Sports help in learning Teamwork and Leadership;
Good teamwork requires cooperation, coordination, and accountability of all on the team. The implementation of strategies and goals implies active participation of all team members. At the end of the day, playing sports improve teamwork and leadership skills.
Developing Friends;
The great benefit of playing sports are all the new friendships one can make. And if ‘Chak De! India’ has taught us anything, its that some of these can last a really, really long time.
A great emotional benefit of playing sports is development of empathy, meaning the quality that allows us to care for each other. In sports, we do just that, when teammates work as one. They support each other, they motivate each other, and most importantly they care about each other.
Social Harmony
Some people are a bit skeptic about this but, several studies have shown there’s a direct correlation between sports participation and crime reduction. With no hobby or leisure activity, teens usually end up in the streets. That leads to alcohol, substance abuse and drugs, or even more severe crimes. This is where sports participation creates the most impact in society