All you need to know about Importance of Sports!

Everybody knows the physical health benefits of playing sports are countless. Along with being largely entertaining, it’s scientifically proven that such activities are good for your heart and brain. Let’s talk about something that’s rarely mentioned; playing a sport can greatly improve your social and emotional skills. Why is that important you ask? Social and...
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The Correlation between Physical and Mental Health!

In this era of technology, machine learning and digital labour, it is perceived that physical fitness is no longer relevant to our livelihood. False. Scientists have conclusively proven the strong correlation between one’s physical and mental health. Our brain relies heavily on physical fitness. Exercising half an hour for at least 4 days a week...
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Is Hockey the National Sports of India?

We the people of India have always been the flagbearers of many diverse sports and have thus, maintained the undying spirit and glory of sports. This way we carry forward the rich legacy that our ancestors have established. Though India does not have a national sport, there are two sports that have stood out throughout...
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