31 Jan-2 Feb 2020

Ranbhoomi 6.0
Central India's Largest Sports Fest

Level Up. Set. Game On!


About us

It’s been six years since IIM Indore’s only Undergraduate Sports Fest – Ranbhoomi took upon the journey to become Central India’s Largest Sports Fest. The three-day event holds an enthralling variety of sporting events – ranging from the popular – Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball & Chess to the unusual including Arm-Wrestling! Get your game face on, tell your friends, wear them shoes and gear up for a lot of fun and heated competition at our events.

So, this 31st January – 2nd February, join in, play hard and walk away with laurels. Let these three days be a memorable experience for you! (for all the good reasons of course)

Be Ready as we embark on the biggest sports fest of Central India for yet another year.

Over the years


  • 4000+ footfall
  • 11 formal events, 23+ informal events and 2 workshop events
  • 370+ participants


  • 5000+ footfall
  • Ashutosh Koushik
    MTV Roadies 5 and Big Boss 2’s Winner
  • VH1 Supersonic Event


  • 7000+ footfall
  • Gautam Gambhir
    This edition's Guest of Honour
  • ‘Fight for Glory’ campaign


  • 7500+ footfall
  • Sahil Khan
    This edition's Chief Guest
  • Sharad Kumar
    Gold Medalist, Asian Para Games 2014


  • 8000+ footfall
  • 20+ Events
  • Promoted Gender Equality

This edition

While we all wake up to sports news that captures the world, a few move ahead to be part of the tribe that shakes up the world. Ranbhoomi wishes to cater to this spirit of competition, relentless practice, and epic performance. We test out your strength at Strongman, check the sharpness of your minds at Chess, your speed and determination at Athletics, and this list will never stop if we keep naming all events!

But this isn’t it, after a tiring day of playing all day, let off some steam and relax yourself with our informal events. We have got a beautiful and warm acoustic night for you accompanied by a bonfire (well we all need something to beat the winter heat!) And if all goes well, we’ll get you laughing your hearts out at the jokes and sassy remarks of our guest comedian.

Along with promoting with eagle-eye focus, and warm blood and sweat, we are also concerned about bringing in a positive change in our society. Ranbhoomi 6.0 is proud to announce ‘Youth Empowerment’ as this edition’s social cause.